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JANUARY 12, 2006

"A Man For All Details"

"In a city where charm and good manners are as common as muggy days in August, it is hard to find anyone who questions Mr. Stone's taste, abilities or good intentions."


The Society Diaries

July, 2012


San Antonio Express News
June 24, 2012

"In San Antonio, any excuse will do for a party.  Leland Stone proved that maxim by throwing an elegant party for a door."

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ABA Journal  
April 2006

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San Antonio Express News
January 21, 2006

"Fix it all, with calm style' could be his motto"
"Super-detailed-oriented Leland Stone loves a domestic challenge."


San Francisco Chronicle

January 18, 2006

"Ultimate Master Of Fanciful Finishing Touches: If you can dream it, Leland Stone can find it, sell it, get it installed"


San Antonio Express News
December 5, 2013

"Leland Stone is the man with the party plan." 

"And you should definitely follow his advice when it comes to how to throw a great shindig and make your guests feel comfortable in your home."

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New York Times

September 25, 2005