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Half the battle with any establishment is automating household management. Stone Standard provides his clients a complete program (or, if they prefer, particular modules thereof) for managing a hotel or house and its staff. This includes hiring, training, and provision of management tools to assign and track accountability for tasks, whether daily chores or annual preventative maintenance. It establishes the patterns and practices necessary to keep you and your guests comfortable and well fed and to MAINTAIN an establishment at the peak of efficiency.


Dishwasher GuidelineS

Incorrect use of the dishwasher can result in broken glasses, dull knives, cracked mother of pearl handles, split cutting boards, and can give odd color to silver flatware. 

Serving At Table 

Comprehension of a few basic guidelines for serving at the dining table can make providing service less stressful for the servers and less irritating for the those seated at the table. 

Pre-Departure Vehicle Checklist

Whether you are being driven or choose to drive yourself, certain aspects of the vehicle and items stored in the vehicle need to be checked so that you will be prepared for adverse weather or mechanical trouble.

Kitchen Sink Cabinet Inventory

Maintaining cleaning compounds and tools, typically stored in the cabinet under the kitchen, scullery or laundry sink, facilitate more efficient cleaning of these areas.

Refrigerator & Freezer Standards

The quality of the the food set forth on your table is greatly effected by the manner in which the groceries are transported from the store to your residence and how they are stored in the refrigerator and freezer.

Consumable Goods Inventory

A stockpile of consumables, items that regularly become depleted or worn out, is maintained so that there is no instance when these items are not at hand.  The inventory is regularly assessed to allow for the longer lead time for items that are not available locally.

Dinner Checklist

Creating standards for the the typical dinner of your household sets a base point for the staff as to the critical points where action is to be taken.  This checklist separates duties between those that occur before the guests arrive and those that occur when the guests are being served.

House-Person's Checklist

This example of a checklist encompasses the general duties of a position that would be, in the least, in addition to a maid.  The checklist does not encompass all of the position's duties but, rather, those tasks that need to be checked daily.

Laundry Symbols

Like hieroglyphics, laundry symbols can be difficult to decipher without a key.  This depiction of symbols with English and Spanish descriptions should be posted in the laundry room.

Washing Machine Instructions 

Color Coded Cleaning Cloths 

Cleaning The Bathroom 


Cleaning Procedures

Shirt Ironing Procedure