1. PRINCIPAL BUSINESS IS SELLING FIXTURES The principal business of the showroom is the sale of decorative hardware and plumbing fixtures. The showroom is a distinguished retailer and provides exceptional customer service.

2. MAINTAINS A STANDARD PRICING MODEL The showroom has a pricing model which allows for retail, wholesale, and quantity pricing and prices are in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. The showroom does not adjust prices in response to competitor’s sealed quote.

3. PROVIDES DETAILED WRITTEN QUOTES The showroom provides written quotes that contain the brand name, manufacturer’s model number, finish or color, and the manufacturer’s list price. Items with lead times over two weeks will include the estimated lead time.

4. PUBLISHES A LIST OF BRANDS OFFERED The showroom lists the brand names and logos of each manufacturer on the showroom’s website. This enables customers to personally review products offered by each manufacturer that are available through the showroom.

5. PROVIDES LINKS TO EACH MANUFACTURER’S WEBSITE The showroom’s website provides links to each respective manufacturer’s web site. This enables customers to review products offered by the manufacturers that are available through the showroom.

6. OFFERS EXTENDED HOURS OF OPERATION The showroom offers customers the option to meet with a sales person outside normal business hours at the showroom, the customer’s residence or at another location convenient to the customer.

7. LABELS DISPLAYS & ALLOWS THEM TO BE CHECKED OUT The showroom clearly labels displays in the showroom with the brand name, manufacturer’s model number, finish or color, and the list price. The showroom allows displays to be checked out by the customer.

8. DOCUMENTS AND FACILITATES RETURNS The showroom assists with facilitating returns and informs the customer that they may be responsible for return freight charges, restocking charges imposed by the manufacturer/distributor and the showroom’s own restocking charges.

9. FILES WARRANTY CLAIMS FOR THE CUSTOMER The showroom assists the client in filing warranty claims without additional charges to the customer. The customer is informed that they are responsible for third party charges related to the claim.

10. PROVIDES UNBIASED ADVICE The showroom does not favor one brand solely over another brand because of sales quotas stipulated by a a manufacturer, commissions for the sales person or because one brand may have higher profit margins than another brand.